IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia
IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia

Regrettable Rain

There are trainees at our institute from fifteen to seventy years old. The eldest woman, who was seventy years old but a new trainee, passed away recently. I’ve heard that she had heart trouble, and she was in poor health for the past two or three days. The day she died, she took medicine that she bought at a pharmacy in the town. Whether the medicine was too strong on her or not, she had a heart attack.
There are some new trainees at the institute, who are from in the fifties to the sixties, and almost all of them have no one to depend on. They started working here for raw silk with young trainees for their own livings. The woman, who passed away lately, was one of them, and her granddaughter was the only relative she had.
Before working for the institute, she had made some sweets and sold them on a plate above her head. She used to have come to the institute to sell the sweets, and soon she started working among other trainees. At first, she still brought the sweets to the institute to sell to other trainees. When I found that she worked as she sold them, she seemed to feel a little embarrassed.
I had no sooner hurried to her house early in the morning than I heard that she had died. Her house, which she had been living with her granddaughter, was so tiny. The funeral that I attended with the staffs of the institute was quite modest. A woman of firm character of the institute arranged the funeral, and I heard that she would also take care of the girl who was bereaved of her grand mother.
When I came back to the Institute after the funeral, I was caught in a strong shower that was very unusual in this dry season. The women who died had worked at the institute only for three months or so, which she might have regretted, but having worked with other women, she had looked very cheerful. As soon as the shower was over, there was a visitor to the institute. I assumed that the women who had passed away invited the visitor on behalf of her.

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