IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia
IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia

Growing Young Plants

For the past one-year, we have planted nearly 2000 young plants to set for opening of the Traditional Forest. Needless to say, the majority of them are mulberry trees. Even we count the ones we have newly planted, it counts over 500. The first set of mulberry trees we have planted about three months ago has grown very well and reached over one meter. They are now ready to set in for the first step of the sericulture. I was talking with the guys working at the Traditional Forest this morning that we may probably start raising silkworms in the latter half of the year.
The number of people at the site has increased by little since the New Year as some of the guys have brought their wives and children from the village, which is pleasant scene to see.
The vegetable garden at the site has been well cared for. The guys are keen about it, because food is basic need for living. They often give me fresh vegetables as a souvenir. Today I got a lot of beans that also tasted pretty good!
It seems to me that the guys at the site are gradually fulfilling their means of life, as the mulberry plants grow. The site for Traditional Forest will become their land in the future. That would be why they look so cheerful and hopeful.

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