IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia
IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia

New Experiences

One of the purposes of going back to Japan this time was visiting Ogawa-machi in the Saitama prefecture. Farmers there practice recycling resources and organic agriculture farming, using biogas and clean energy.
We, at the institute in Cambodia, try to make a new village named “traditional forest” right now. Its aim is the reproduction of Cambodian life held in rich nature.
We come to believe that it is necessary to regenerate the natural environment in order to revive traditional textiles in Cambodia, which had almost disappeared due to the conflict. We are trying to put it into practice through the project of “Traditional Forest”.
For this project, we regard it important to incorporate Cambodian traditional experience and wisdom with the new ones. So, as we learn the new experiences and wisdom from people in Ogawa-cho, who consider a symbiotic relationship between human and nature as important, we put this project forward slowly but steadily.
I also met a person encouraging an original solar system in Japan, and got to know a lot of experiences, for example, pumping up energy created by the wind and water. How to make good use of these experiences in Cambodia is our task from now on.

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