IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia
IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia

Letter from the Royal Palace

Letter from the Royal Palace

The Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles(IKTT). We are very pleased toinform you that we have obtained the greatest honor since the inception ofIKTT and the implementation of our activities over more than 10 years.

Recently we received a letter of invitation from the Royal Palace, and hadthe honor to be granted a royal audience with King Sihamoni on May 20.

I, in addition to five other staff members representing IKTT, including Ms.Chan Shot, who has been working with us since (1996)the beginning of IKTT;as Master of Textiles(as making design), Ms. Kim Surein; Chief of Textiles,Ms. So Gaet; General Manager, Ms. Van Naran; and Financial Manager, Ms. YanRyna together visited the Royal Palace. In fact, we wish all our staffmembers in silk clothes made by institute would have joined the royalaudience with King Sihamoni.

The principal task of IKTT is to produce ikat textiles with patterns basedon traditional Life of Trees and Temples, using Cambodian hand-made rawsilk colored only with natural dyes. In addition, IKTT has revived theproduction of genuine Cambodian cotton clothes spun by hand for the firsttime in 30 years with indigo-dyed.

When His Majesty had presented into His Majesty ’ s hands the cloth IKTTmade for His Majesty as a present, he complemented the institute, sayingthat the cloth must have been made in earnest by the hands and hearts ofCambodians.

Moreover, the Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles was praised by theKing for providing employment opportunities for impoverished Cambodian poorfamily women, and at the same time for helping Cambodia to restore hertraditional textile cottage industry. I am sure that these words ofappreciation deeply moved the staff members accompanying me to theaudience, and created a deep feeling of pride in their work.

I am also convinced that this royal audience will give IKTT moreencouragement to further our future activities, and will vigorously assistour output of superb traditional Cambodian clothes, which we can be proudof around the world.

We hope that you will continue your long-term support to the activities ofInstitute for Khmer Traditional Textiles.

Institute for Khmer Traditional Textile
Director, Kikuo Morimoto

I would like to show the photos taken during the royal audience, posted onthe official website of King Sihamoni.

Official website of King Sihamoni (Khmer, English, French)
On the website, please click one of the flags (Cambodia, England or France)to choose a language. In the English version, after clicking “ news ” onthe right-hand side, please click “ Audience of the Director of the KhmerTraditional Textile ” that appears on the May 2007 list.(Follow the same instructions for the Khmer and French versions.)

Letter from the Royal Palace

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