IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia
IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia

At the traditional forest

Actually I started living in the traditional forest since New Year's Eve. I shifted to stay at the village of forest basically and go to the town (Siem Reap), if it is needed. The workshop and shop in Siem Reap became well managed now totally by our stuff, so it will be all right even if I do not need a close watch. On the other hand, the traditional forest is now under crucial moment.

We installed a water supply system for drinking and watering to the firm and a purification system of discharged water and an electric generation system by solar power and generator. Now for the night pleasure time, our Forest villegers can watch TV and video until 9:30 pm by supplying electricity for every house. This is the big progress becuase there was only lighting by lumps we used before.

We try to install these systems and do maintenance. Additionally we try to cultivate mulberry and cotton field based on making natural compost and finally try to plant organic vegetables. I aim at getting the pleasure of harvestry by going into farming.

The only one and big problem is that I can not connect to internet in the forest. Therefore, I might be able to check e-mails only about once a week, when I go to the town. But I think I will be getting used to. Please be permitted about this.

I am going to have more time in creation of myself in the living at the forest. I will have time to draw Batik Yuzen painting more often that I used to draw only once a year before. I received as a good news from group of Singapore that gave me a chance to hold the exhibition. I plan to exhibit there pictures of the IKTT drawing group's work. And at the exhibition we will sell the pictures as a charity auction. I think it is a good idea to do such activity of IKTT and it will serve as PR for the traditional forest in different way from the past exhibition.

Now we have good news, IKTT published a book "Bayon Moon". This book original is Japanese by Morimoto and transration by Ms. Luise to English, she has known about my work since 1990. I would like to invite you to read the book and come to PWF which is the continuous evolving place of the Project site of Wisdom from the Forest.

Morimoto Kikuo
Translation by Mr.Takurou MATSUOKA

update : January 9, 2008 11:33 AM

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