IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia
IKTT (Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles), from SiemReap Cambodia

The Golden Silk

silk.jpgCambodian raw silk is really beautiful yellow color. When the raw silk gets sunshine, it shines golden so that we could say as the Golden Silk.

But regrettably the beautiful yellow color will fade after refining. The color fades to creamy color after refining that is of course also wonderful color.

I have been specialized in dyeing and I think the dyeing color is wonderful but such natural color is the best. I like this natural.

In Cambodia the white color is the most superordinate in the traditional colors, because white color is the root of all colors, so I can understand it.

The visitors who came to IKTT surprised by looking at such beautiful yellow raw silk, because they thought the raw silk was white.

They could not understand the yellow color was natural color.

They asked me what kind of foods the silkworms eat and spin such beautiful color.

And when I answered the cocoons eat mulberry leaves same as Japanese one, they were surprised again.

The yellow raw silk is surprising for us, because we used to see Japanese and Chinese white raw silks. The yellow raw silk has the original good quality compared to Japanese and Chinese raw silks which are too developed by breeding improvement. The yellow raw silk has the same good quality as Yuuki tumugi and Ueda tumigi
traditional Japanese textiles) of 50 years ago. It can be washed roughly by hands.

We tell the visitors that silk is the same kind of human hairs as we wash by shampoo and tell them not to use dry cleaning. Washing with water is basic for a natural fiber.

I have been fascinated by the yellow raw silk for 25 years since my Thai periods.

And I have worked for the textiles made of this raw silk. At that time, a lot of experts of sericulture from Japan looked down the silkworms that spin the yellow raw silk.

But now the time has changed and such natural yellow raw silk is getting high value.

Recently one Japanese young girl visited IKTT who wanted studying the silk as her job. IKTT always keeps the stance we never refuse for people coming and never hold back for people leaving. So we received her. She studied at the agricultural department of a university and she will join us by taking temporally absence from the university fascinated by this yellow raw silk.

I think the good quality of the yellow raw silk is getting known more in future.

So what she tried to work with the yellow silk is good also for her future.

But I always tell them that you have to be prepared for betting whole yourself into the job.

I tell clearly to them if you do not have such determinations, you had better to quit.

But she seems not to give up even so.

update : July 16, 2009 8:56 AM

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